Tunnel Vision CCTV | About Us
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About Us

History and Vision
Tunnel Vision

About Tunnel Vision CCTV

We set out our business to offer a different aspect to the pipeline survey,As the market was somewhat cornered and clients where not being offered the service or price that they demanded.I have worked in civil construction for 20 years specialising in drainage ,Since compulsory cctv pipeline surveying came into force through the city or greater geelong there was only a limited amount of companies offering this specialised equipment.I decided that things neede to be changed so i set up my own van and took on the big boys head on. After a bit of trial and error ,We succeeded now fully insured and qualified we offer years of practical experience in pipelaying inspection.

Focus on Technology

After months of chasing around after cctv survey equipment in Australia and overseas ,I bought the PROTEUS system all new technology with state of the art operational tools and camera heads,The first fully automated PROTEUS system in Australia, Together running WINCAN  VX , WSA 13 standards with full color video and stil photography ,And the newly installed parallel laser measuring technology software.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give the customer the best value for money any contractor should demand,We have a prompt efficient service run by myself and my partner, So no middle man .We quote the works and complete the works ourselves.With the client being our main focus all the time

Years of Experience

I started in the civil construction industry 20 years ago as a labourer, I worked my way up through the ranks to a superintendent for tier 1 companies. I started my own business 8 years ago CHOOK CIVIL, and have sub contracted through various companies as well as completing my own civil works,Due to a work place injury 3 years ago and having 19 months off work , i went back to work and haven’t things changed, including compulsory cctv survey ,power and water audits, As there was no real competition for cctv survey ,I decided to have a go myself as i specialise in drainage ,So i bought a van set it up got accredited and the story behins a new phase in my life, with Tracy my partner now working with me this makes both our lives a bit easier.