Tunnel Vision CCTV | Pipeline Surveying Specialists
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About Tunnel Vision CCTV

  • Specialists in Pipeline Surveying
  • Expert Knowledge
  • Wealth of Experience
  • Wide Range of Services
  • Professional and Friendly

Our Mission Statement

“To provide expert knowledge and professionalism, leading as an established provider of pipeline surveying services.”

Call Us

0406 131 906
New Technology & Software

  • New Technology
  • Latest Software
  • Fully Accredited Wincan WSA13
  • Staff trained in latest techniques


Tunnel Vision CCTV has their eyes on the future. We believe that innovation is important and this is reflected in the technology we use.

Experts in the field

Pipeline Surveying Advice

Tunnel Vision CCTV has years of experience in the Pipeline Surveying industry. We can provide advice on the best solutions.

Years Of Experience in Pipeline Surveying


Range of Technology

Tunnel Vision CCTV has a range of the latest technology. Our range of equipment ensures that results are delivered accurately and quickly.


Vision for the Future

Tunnel Vision CCTV has its eyes set on the future. Our equipment features the latest technology and our staff are trained using the latest techniques.

Experts in the field of Pipeline Surveying

Latest Technology

Tunnel Vision CCTV utilises modern equipment and software.

Australian Owned

Proudly Australian owned and operated.

Quick service

We understand the time pressure our clients face.

Great knowledge

With years of experience, we provide expert knowledge.